Critical Care

We at Yeluri Hospitals have very well trained Critical Care Physician Team of Doctors to deliver excellent critical care treatment in Guntur.

We work as a team with specialised Nurses trained in critical care ,and allied specialities such as Cardiologists, Neurologists, Nephrologists, Gastroenterologists, Pulmonoogists and various surgeons to take best care of the seriously ill patients.

Technology and Equipment

We are equipment with high standard latest equipments , incorporating newer technologies to treat the critically ill.

Ventilators, Bipap, Non invasive ventilation, Invasive BP monitoring, Syringe pumps, Infusion pumps , ECG machine,Defibrillator, USG machine , Mobile x ray unit, in house well equipped advanced LAB are the facilities we have to cater critical care services in best way in Andhra Pradesh.

Salient Features of the Department of Critical Care,Yeluri Hospitals:

    Multidisciplinary team treating wide spectrum of illnesses, including multi organ failures.

    Separate Isolation Room ICU Care to prevent spread of cross infections.

    Advanced Care such as High end hemodynamic monitoring, Ventilator facilities, Dialysis.

    Point of Care Ultrasound and 2D echo for evaluation and monitoring ICU patients.

    Rehabilitation which includes early nutrition, mobilizing the patient soon out of the bed, providing physiotherapy, restore core body strength and most importantly motivating the patient.

    Extensive family counselling.

    Evidence based approach, recent guidelines based protocol for treatment.

    Holistic (comprehensive), perpetual (continuous), empathetic services .