General Medicine

At our state-of-the-art Yeluri Hospitals, the general medicine doctors are available to see patients in the outpatient clinics for all common and complex/rare medical conditions. They deliver care in the inpatient setting as well around the clock by supporting and teaming up (with other specialists) on inter-disciplinary rounds.

The general medicine department by virtue of its diversity gets to screen all the patients and provide interdisciplinary care.

The list of services offered in the management of:

  1. Infectious diseases
  2. FUO (fever of unknown origin)
  3. Poisoning
  4. Lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, hypertension, Obesity, Dyslipidemia
  5. Joint Pain evaluation
  6. Wellness clinics
  7. Geriatrics
  8. Adult Immunisation
  9. Hematology
  10. Second opinion clinics
  11. Comprehensive diabetic care
  12. Medical disorders of pregnancy

"We put patients' priorities first. Our patient-centred approach enables us to minimize costs and provide care with empathy. We pride in our commitment towards cost-effective, and evidence-based medical care - A promise we deliver every day."

General medicine department conducts the following clinics

 Diabetology clinic

 Rheumatology clinic

 Haematology clinic

 Geriatric clinic

 Fever clinic

 Pain clinic

 Health check-ups